Well established as a Florida entrepreneur, Raj Nayyar has led his Consulting Group as president since 2000. His firm offers dedicated marketing solutions ranging from internet campaigns to television advertising. Representing clients in such diverse sectors as healthcare, real estate, and legal research, Raj Nayyar and his team also offer web design, personnel management, and assistance in public relations endeavors. Rajesh Nayyar also owns a well-established internal medicine practice that includes a physician, nurse practitioner, and medical support staff and offers families experienced primary care services. His practice also offers operational support activities including patient seminars and health fairs. Closely involved in his community, Rajesh Nayyar is the founder and president of Innov8, which emphasizes “entrepreneurship and humanitarianism in medicine.” In particular, the organization offers focused education and training that provide participants with a better understanding of health care insurance systems and medical entrepreneurship. Mr. Nayyar holds an MBA, MS and is a PhD-JD candidate.

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